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Travelling Exhibition

During the project, practitioners from participating countries (Kenya, Guyana, China and the UK) worked closely with local communities to select items for the Travelling Exhibition. These items are chosen to best represent the culture and traditions of the area, particularly where these cultural assets may be deemed to be under threat from processes of globalisation or modernisation.

The Travelling Exhibition consists of eleven panels and four display cases constructed by local artisans and craftspeople in-country. It also features thirty-five videos of cultural expressions such as dance, storytelling, textile making, hut building, pottery making, rituals, etc. which aim to preserve and promote local skills and traditions.

The exhibition was first shown at Fort Jesus in Mombasa (Kenya; 16 September 2014 - 15 October 2014). The exhibition was also shown at the Guyana National Museum in Georgetown (Guyana; 26 November 2014- 13 December 2014), the Great North Museum: Hancock in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK; 9 January 2015 – 1 February 2015), and the Hainan Provincial Museum (China; 10-21 June 2015) and Hainan Provincial Library (10-30 August 2015).

The project encourages each of its partners to keep the infrastructure constructed for the display of the travelling exhibition in order to facilitate future events and exhibitions.


Travelling Exhibition at the Great North Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne
The travelling exhibition at Newcastle

Art-work from an exhibition in China
Art-work from an exhibition in China

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