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The Project

The En-compass action of exchanges and training will run over a three-year period and will include:

In-country workshops

These workshops will involve cultural exchanges and purpose-driven workshops between representatives of indigenous groups from all the territories. These will result in the exchange and promotion of cultural practices and expressions among the representatives of the different territories.

The aim of these workshops is to scope and audit key tangible and intangible heritage resources, including cultural expressions, products and services in each partners' country. It is intended that these in-country workshops provide a focus that can generate momentum for the establishment of long-term ongoing scoping and auditing activities.

The initial preparatory workshop was held in Newcastle upon Tyne from 3 to 8 October 2010. This was followed by two-week workshops in Kenya from 11 to 22 October 2010 and Guyana from 1 to 15 December 2010. The final in-country workshop was held in Hainan Province (China) from 17-28 January 2011.

Travelling Exhibition

The travelling exhibition will include cultural expressions and products of the countries which form part of the En-compass action. It will consist of some 'pop-up' framed panels, along with exhibition hardware that will be designed centrally in Newcastle upon Tyne, but constructed by local artisans and craftspeople in-country. Further information >

Two-week in-country training in partners' countries
Further information for applications (Word Document) >
In the second year of the action, a two-week training activity will be delivered in each partners' country aimed mainly at the indigenous and ethnic minority target groups. Special emphasis will be placed on the promotion and safeguarding of local heritage and cultural resources through integrated management and communication processes.

Postgraduate Programme

In the third year of the action, three participants will each be selected by the in-country partners from China, Guyana and Anglophone Africa. These participants will apply to do an MA at the International Centre for Cultural and Heritage studies at Newcastle University. This final activity will help prepare three people from each country/region to go back and develop further training and capacity programmes.

Online and Published Catalogues

Information gathered through the in-country workshops and subsequent research will be put onto a database, which will be used to create the online and published catalogues. The catalogues will become the prime foundation for understanding what is available for inclusion in the travelling exhibition. Furthermore, the online catalogues will give people in each country access to cultural and heritage resources from the other partners' countries.

Database of heritage practitioners

During the course of the project, a database of heritage practitioners will be developed in conjunction with the partner organisations and the action participants.


In-country workshop, Kenya

Travelling Exhibition, Hainan, China

Boat trip to a Dutch fort in Guyana

Newcastle Workshop

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